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Residential Life Activities and Events

The Residential Life staff implements and supports events and programs designed to enhance the overall educational experience at Caltech. By promoting a comprehensive range of co-curricular activities that reflect the interests of the student body and Caltech community, we strive to engage students in the traditions, social life, cultural expression, and intellectual opportunities provided at Caltech. These events and activities also provide opportunities for students to learn about issues and topics that deal with everyday college life and extend learning and growth to the residence hall environment.


Areas of Programming:


C – Community based activities and events bring students together to interact and socialize, as well as to build a sense of identity and community engagement.

A – Academic Success and Achievement programs address the Caltech academic experience, while providing support and connecting students to campus resources.

L – Life Skills events and activities equip our students with the necessary day-to-day skills that will enable them to function effectively and efficiently in their community.

T – Transition focused programs enabling students to engage in their environment while transitioning into and out of college, living in a residential environment, and planning future academic and professional endeavors.

E – Engagement and Diversity activities and programs encourage students to participate in a variety of cultural practices and explore different components of identity, including: race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, class, age, etc.

C- Civility and Citizenship events challenge students to act thoughtfully, communicate with peers, live as part of a larger community, and become active global citizens.

H – Health and Wellness programs focus on a student’s holistic experience, including facets of physical, mental, academic, social, personal, and spiritual well being.