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Honor System

Honor System, the Board of Control, and the Conduct Review Committee:

At Caltech, cooperation and collaboration, rather than competition, are the keys to success. The community is shaped and guided by the Honor System, which has been a crucial component of the Institute since its earliest days. The system encompasses a variety of practices and behaviors, but finds its purest expression in the Honor Code:

"No member of the Caltech community shall take unfair advantage of any other member of the Caltech community."

The Honor Code confers the power to freely choose responsible actions. Caltech students value this freedom highly and guard it fiercely, which is why the system actually works.

For undergraduates the Honor System is enforced by two bodies that are overseen by the Undergraduate Deans’ Office: The Board of Control (BOC), which is comprised solely of students, and the Conduct Review Committee (CRC), comprised of students, faculty, and administrators. The BOC only hears cases of academic dishonesty, whereas the CRC hears cases of non-academic breaches of the Honor Code, as well as policy violations. The Routing Group decides to which of these bodies cases will be referred. A list of relevant policies can also be found here:

You can read more about the Honor System in the Honor Code Handbook.

In some instances, the Routing Group may suggest that one of the deans consider a case independently, if the matter does not rise to the level of a hearing. 

Reports of illegal harassment and/or sexual violence are also handled separately. You can read more about the relevant policies and procedures here:,, Nondiscrimination & Equal Employment Opportunity and

If you would like to file a complaint about an undergraduate academic honor code violation, please contact

All graduate student reports go to the Graduate Honor Council at

If you would like to file any other kind of complaint, please contact one of the undergraduate deans.

Honor Code and Community Standards

Statement of Community

Safety & Well-Being

Honor Code Handbook.