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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I'm experiencing academic problems?

A. Academic Performance Problems

Q. What should I do if I become inelibible?

A. Academic Eligibility Questions and Academic Standing Guidelines

    & First Time Academic Reinstatements

Q. How do I find out about accommodations for a disability?

A. Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Q. I'm submitting a petition to UASH.  What should I do?

A. Advice About UASH

Q. , I'm struggling with personal concerns. What should I do?

A. Personal Concerns

Q. How do I petition for an Overload or Underload?

A. Underload Approval  Overload Approval

Q. What if illness has affected my academics?

A. Medical Incompletes   Medical Leave of Absence

Q. What if I decide to take time off while attending Caltech?

A. Undergraduate Student Sabbaticals and Withdrawals

Q. What if I need a recommendation?

A. Requests for Recommendation