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About the Housner Fund

A committee will review proposals and decide which proposals to fund and in what amounts. The committee will be comprised of the Associate Dean, one faculty member apart from the Dean, and three undergraduate students.

The chair will be the Interim Dean of Students.

An administrator will maintain the accounts for the Funds. The administrator will report to the committee periodically.

Proposals will have quarterly application deadlines. The committee will meet at least once a term to discuss proposals and to make recommendations of awards. Proposals can be submitted any time. The committee will make funding decisions four times per year, and submission deadlines for the committee meetings are Add Day of each term and the third Friday in July.

Proposals will follow a general format similar to the fund request forms for ASCIT, the GSC, and Student Affairs, including the following elements:
- Purpose
- Detailed budget
- Other sources of funding
- Contact information
- Club information (if request is from a club)

Additional Information:
Awards generally will not be recommended to cover items that are typically funded from Caltech's administrative or division budgets.

All awards must be in accordance with Caltech regulations and in accordance with Caltech's non-profit status.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a report to the Undergraduate Deans' Office on activities and expenses within 30 days after the scheduled project completion date, or at 6 month intervals for long-term projects.

The committee will work with the Dean and the Advancement Office to report periodically to the donor on the use of the Fund.

The committee will perform an annual review of all funded proposals as well as its internal operations to determine if the intended goals of the Funds are being met.

The committee will take into account other sources of funding available for a project, and it will refer applicants to other sources when appropriate.